Club History

Congratulations on thinking of joining a Weight Reduction Club.
You will be joining many thousands of Queensland people – both male and female – who have a common goal. This goal is to help and encourage each other to solve the problem of being overweight.

The first Australian Weight Watcher Club was started in Bankstown NSW by a group of women headed by Edith Nyland in 1967. This club was based on the T.O.P.S. [Take off pounds sensibly] Clubs of America, which was a non-profit organisation.

This Organisation used group therapy as an aid to successful weight loss. The first Queensland club was formed in May 1968 at Yeronga. The first Northside branch [now Windsor] was started at Chermside in May 1969 by Tom & Joyce Welfare. Joyce was the founding President of this Club.

The Organisation’s motto “Unity is Strength” was proposed by Joyce and was used in the first newsletter back in October 1972. It also became obvious to Joyce that once a member graduated, there was no incentive or provision for that person to remain in the club. To overcome this situation, the membership category “Post Graduate” was established.

As the number of clubs, which were affiliated to Weight Watcher Clubs of Queensland, grew, it was necessary to find new premises to continue this work. Resulting in the renting of premises at 59 Piccadilly Street, Geebung in December 1975. This was quickly followed by the formation of the Board of Management for Weight Watcher Clubs of Queensland. The Board was used to spread the ever-increasing work to even more people. The number of affiliate clubs continued to grow and flourish, causing, in December 1989, the relocation of the Headquarters to larger premises at its current address of 36 Ridge Street, Northgate.

On January 25th 1996, Weight Reduction Clubs of Queensland [previously Weight Watcher Clubs of Queensland] came into existence. The name change was required due to our then name, Weight Watcher Clubs of Queensland, clashing with Weight Watchers International, which was a registered business name.

Weight Reduction Clubs of Queensland recently celebrated 50 years of community service and recognised many long-standing members including our presidents past & current.


We are saddened to note in the Association’s history, the passing on Thursday 18th April 1996 of Mrs Joyce Welfare, our founder, inaugural President and first Life Member.