Encouraging a healthier approach

Reinforcing better choices

Supporting your commitment


Weight Reduction Clubs of Queensland is a not-for-profit organisation run purely by volunteers. With many individual clubs across Queensland, our principal objective is to offer support and encouragement for members to help them achieve weight-loss through maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Weight Reduction Clubs Of Queensland is a low-cost alternative to other well-known weight loss companies such as Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and Tony Ferguson. We cater to Men, Woman and Children from age 12 years.


I started my Journey on 1st August 2014 at 66 when I realized I could not exercise, walk or do much housework without having to sit after about 20mins of anything. That is when I decided to do something about my lifestyle. I have lost 43.3 kilos and feel amazing! Now I hope this inspires all of you to have a go because if I can, you can.
Kay Killeen

A friend told me about a weight club starting up, and did I want to go with her. I said yes. The first night I stepped on those scales I weighed 178.3 kgs and I am now pleased to say, as of the beginning of October 2015, I am now down to 99 kgs.
Vicki Wackett

Pledge & Motto

Our Pledge

I will use my intelligence to reduce sensibly
I will put food in its proper place in my life
And not use it to comfort me for my frustrations and misfortunes
To which over-eating will only add
I will help and encourage my fellow-members to do likewise

Our Motto

Unity is Strength – We will Never, Never, Never Give Up.